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Author: Melvin Williams

We don’t have all the means to make an extension to enlarge our house. Fortunately, there are tips to inexpensively expand your main home.

Expanding my house on a low budget: using the ceiling height

If you have high ceilings, use this benefit to double your living space. The mezzanine installation allows you to design rest areas, storage spaces, or even a full-fledged living room, depending on your construction. Be careful; however, if the area of ​​your mezzanine exceeds 20 m², you will need to obtain a work permit, work declaration, or building permit as the case may be. If it is less, but your total living area exceeds 150 m² after completing the mezzanine, the building permit is also necessary, as is the use of an architect.

Expand my house on a low budget: invest in the garden.

If you want to expand your house to create an office area, why not invest in your garden and install a wooden chalet there? Also called a garden office, if you choose the kit option you assemble yourself, the price can be less than 10,000 dollars.

Another possibility, much less wooded and more contemporary, is the converted container. By doing the work yourself, count for a container of 15m² between 5,000 and 8,000 dollars. If you want to go through a professional, you can double the price.

Expanding my house on a low budget: smart furniture

Sometimes you think you don’t have enough space, but only the interior remodel layout and circulation are not optimized. Do you have the right furniture for what you are storing? Isn’t the sofa a disproportionate size for your daily use? Take a good look at your furniture if an all-in-one cannot replace some. For example, for a child’s bedroom with not enough space to play, bed furniture is very practical! The storage units directly integrated into the partitions also free up space.

Expanding my house on a low budget: fitting out the garage

If you have a garage, you can convert it into a living room. Development work will always be less expensive than building an extension from scratch. With an average size of 10m², the garage allows creating a bedroom or an office in a minimum of time.

Expand my house on a low budget: a winter garden

If you want to expand without having an isolated room, why not create a winter garden? It is about a simple veranda, without insulation, glazed, which will be pleasant the summer, very open, benefit from your terrace; and close in winter to take care of your plants or read a book when the sun is high the sky.